Tablets are more than books that glow in the dark.  

Datamation Product Ecosystem to Secure, Sync and Charge Tablets, iPads, Mobile Devices and Much More

In a school — or in any institutional setting — tablets and other mobile devices to be part of an ecosystem, a community of resources that work together to create effective learning or operational experiences for all the participants. Datamation offers more tablet and iPad charge and sync products than anyone else in the industry.

When any technology is deployed, it is too often acquired in isolation, without a clear plan of how it will be used, where it will be stored, or how it will be maintained, powered and protected. If tablets are going to be a shared resource, they will have to be transported and made accessible. If they are going to be assigned to a dedicated area, they will have to be maintained, updated and re-charged.

Poor planning or failing to assemble the right resources ends up harming the effectiveness of the underlying technology. It also wastes money and precious time.

Each strategy — each use — requires a different array of resources, resources that compliment each other without waste. The choice of the right resources is important to their effective use. So is planning that assures a long life for your investment.

Datamation Systems is working to create the elements of this ecosystem, an array of sync and charge product and storage and security options that schools, libraries and other institutions need: carts for mobile storage and protection; cabinets for fixed locations; charging and syncing stations dedicated to a classroom, service depot or library; portable syncing for use as a shared resource; and stands and racks for storing and handling tablets.

Together, these resources help you craft an iPad environment that is affordable, sustainable and efficient.

Below are just some of the solutions we offer. No one offers more solutions than Datamation Systems to sync and charge or just charge tablets, iPads, smart phones, eReaders or other portable devices.  We offer you a way to create a sustainable ecosystem of your own.

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Sync & Charge Solutions
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 Secure Storage
Cabinets, carts and safes to secure,
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 Transport Cases
Tablet Ecosystem to safely move tablets and USB
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