Cabinets and Safes

Security Cabinets for Tablets and Smaller 7″ Devices


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  • Secures, stores and charges tablets and iPads, both full 10″ or more compact 7″ sizes

  • Compact, durable and highly secure

  • Sized for the right application

  • Works with virtually all protective cases

  • Made in USA



For 8 tablets or iPads

For up to 16 7″ tablets or iPad minis

Optimized for tablets and iPads


Cabinets and Safes for virtually every type of tablet and eReader – The Netsafe-IPC was the first table-top cabinet to protect and recharge up to 20 tablets or iPads (16 in most standard cases), storing a MacBook or notebook host as well. The Netsafe-IPCS added advanced syncing to USB-enabled devices using  and other programs.  Another Netsafe protects and charges (or syncs) eight tablets.

Now, there is a cabinet made for 7″ mobile devices — the iPad mini, Kindle, Nook, Galaxy Tab, Nexus 7 and more:  The NETSAFE7.  Click here for more information.

 Safe and Secure: Secure and compact, these Netsafes are perfect for classrooms, libraries and training facilities where multiple iPads or minis have to be protected and charged. They have the most secure locking mechanism, the hallmark of all Datamation Systems products. And they are proudly made in the US.

You work hard for your technology resources. You might as well protect them with a real level of security, something provided by Datamation Systems carts and cabinets.

All Netsafes plug into standard wall outlets. If you keep your iPads or minis in protective cases, Netsafe dividers can be adjusted. Even the thickest cases we have seen will allow the storage of 16 iPads. (Not all carts and cabinets can say this.) And some models provide a shelf for a MacBook or other computer

 Datamation Systems also offers a wide range of carts for syncing, charging and securing iPads as well as universal USB charging hubs.  Click here

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