Carts and Cabinets for Specialty Applications

Datamation Systems can create “custom-built” carts and cabinets for unique applications.  Although we offer carts, cabinets and safes for most tablets, Chromebooks and mobile devices, we recognize the needs of customers with unique requirements. 

Special Gather

What we offer:

  • Customized carts for specific types of tablets, Chromebooks or mobile devices, or combinations of devices and peripherals.
  • Applications for retail stores, conference centers and places were security is important to protect technology.
  • Universal charging solutions with future-proof options to address changing technologies
  • Carts for devices equipped with cases. click here
  • Carts for applications requiring active and specific device management. click here

Customized solutions are possible for minimum quantities of special configurations, in some cases as few as 10 or more. Call us at 201-329-7200 or contact us to discuss your application. 

Example “Custom Builds”

Gather’Round Cart to Charge and Sync 80 iPads™

iPod™ and iPhone™ Trays and Drawers – Custom Mobile Stands

Custom Rack Mounted Trays for Large Hospitality Company

Tablet and Mobile Device Carts, Cabinets and Safes

Datamation Systems offers the most comprehensive range of solutions to charge, sync and secure your tablets, iPads and smaller mobile devices. We offer carts, cabinets and safes for just about any application from 8 to 40 mobile computing devices. Our solutions are fully compatible with Android, IOS or Windows and are used by organizations deploying Dell Latitude and XPS, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Acer and Asus tablets, Kindles, Nooks and more. Click on the either of the above choices for additional information. If you have any immediate questions, feel free to contact us or call our office at 201-329-7200.


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Cabinets, carts, safes and cases to secure, sync and charge. We offer carts, cabinets and safes for just about any application from 8 to 40 Tablets. Our solutions are fully compatible with USB-based mobile device management software. Solutions to sync and charge your tablets and mobile USB devices. These are the first truly universal USB charging hubs: 8, 16, 24, 32 and 49-port professional charge and sync hubs for iPads, iPhones, tablets, smart phones and other USB-powered devices. Travel cases to safely move tablets and USB sync & charge devices. Our portable storage and security solutions offer efficient and affordable strategies for any tablet deployment. Our cases deliver your tablets where they are needed, safely and securely.
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