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Datamation Systems’ GatherRoundTM Carts Offer Efficiency,

Benefits Unlike Any Other Carts in the Market



How can a cart impact instructional time and effective classroom management?

Technology deployments create new and challenging classroom management issues. One important challenge is how do teachers control the distribution and return of iPads and tablets that have to be removed from carts, taken to student workstations and returned for storage, charging and protection.

Most carts create a management bottleneck, forcing teachers to supervise crowding in front of cart doors or distribute devices in groups, both of which eat away at precious teaching time.

Datamation Systems’ GatherRound carts let students remove and replace iPads and tablets from all sides — even giving teachers the option of pulling out the lift-out trays for faster distribution. Some teachers have told they can save five to ten minutes, which means more productive time and less classroom chaos.

Who says a cart can’t make a difference?