8-Port Universal USB Hub To Sync and Charge Tablets, iPads and Mobiles

For the first time, there is a universal USB charging device that adjusts each USB port to the optimal charging profile for each device as it is plugged into the hub. This version also acts as a USB hub for file transfer and syncing content.  It is ideally suited for many file management applications which support USB syncing, including iTunes and Apple Configurator.The DS-SC-U8 will charge iPads, iPods, iPhones, mobile phones, Kindles, Nooks and other eReaders, tablets (that support USB charging) and virtually any device that charges with a standalone USB charger. (Some devices that require a host connection for charging may need to have the universal hub connected to a host.)  And, for syncing, USB devices that can be managed through a USB connection can be addressed for file and device management capabilities.*This advanced, professional hub is also future-proof: its firmware can be updated with new charging profiles as new USB devices are introduced. And it even has the ability to be controlled by user-created scripts!It is perfect for convenience charging, tech centers, service depots, trade shows and institutional users.Contact us for specific requests.

The DS-SC-U8 Features:

  • Compact, durable, easy-to-use form factor
  • Use on a desk or counter or with an optional carrying case
  • Custom steel and brushed anodized aluminum enclosure houses a state-of-the-art eight-port USB board powered by Cambrionix, the most respected leader in USB charge & sync technologies
  • Includes mini-USB port for updates: download new charging profiles from web and update charger’s firmware:
    assures settings to manufacturer’s optimum charging profiles, preserving battery. Also includes USB-B port for host communication. (USB A-mini and USB A-B cables included)
  • Also equipped with two USB-A expansion ports for daisy-chaining multiple hubs
  • Power supply plugs into wall outlet with cord (provided)
  • Power supply: 100W, 5V, 85~264VAC, constant current limiting circuit, overload/overvoltage/ short circuit protection, all applicable safety approvals. Voltage is pre-set for country-specific power cord configuration. Customer must specify at time of order.
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2”H x 9”W x 9 15/16”D
  • Can be used for iPads (at their full 2.1A charge), iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone; mobile phones; many Android and Windows tablets (those that permit USB charging and syncing); Kindles, Nooks and eReaders; game consoles, POS scanners, 3-D glasses; virtually any USB connected device
  • The hub and each port can be controlled with user-created scripts (USB serial port terminal commands) for special applications, a completely unique feature
  • Regulatory listings pending
[Some devices require a host connection to charge. For this, use the DS-SC-U8 with a host connected.]

[Datamation Systems welcomes OEM inquiries for components and custom builds.]
Note: * Some USB devices require a USB host connection to charge. For this, use the DS-SC-U8 with a host connected

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