Universal USB Hub to Sync and Charge Tablets, iPads, iPhones and Virtually All USB Charged Devices

16-port Universal Sync and Charge* USB Hub – Model #DS-SC-U16

The most advanced, durable and affordable universal USB hub, the DS-SC-U16 charges and syncs many tablets* and all Apple devices plus virtually any USB-Chargeable device. Its advanced engineering lets it read each port and set the optimum charging profile for each connected device.  This helps conserve power and battery life and makes it truly universal.  And it is future-proof (with user updatable firmware).

For Apple devices, it can sync to iTunes, Apple Configurator  or to other MDM software and it acts like any professional USB hub for other non-Apple devices.

It is equipped with two expansion ports for daisy-chaining multiple hubs.  It also has a unique feature that permits a host to control the hub with user-written terminal emulation software, allowing many special applications.