16-Slot Safes and Cabinets to Sync and Charge 7″ Tablets and iPad Minis

Secure and compact, this cabinet is perfect for classrooms, libraries and training facilities where multiple 7” tablets have to be protected, charged and “synced.”* And, like the small tablets themselves, it takes up very little physical space.
Secure: The NETSAFE7 has a highly secure integrated locking mechanism, the hallmark of all Datamation Systems products. You work hard for your technology resources. You might as well protect them with real security.
Sync: The DS-NETSAFE7-SC-16 simultaneously syncs* or charges up to sixteen 7″ tablets and plugs into a standard wall outlet. It uses a USB connection to  appropriate file management software (such as iTunes or Apple Configurator (for iPad minis) and meets all USB performance specifications. If you keep your mobile devices in cases or use them with scanners or battery packs, its dividers can be adjusted to handle even the thickest cases we have seen. (Not all carts and cabinets can say this.)

Sustainable: The NETSAFE uses device-provided USB cables, reducing waste and lowering costs for our customers; made with recycled material where possible; energy-efficient design; durable and adjustable so it can change with new technology.