World’s Biggest USB Hub? (coming soon)

54-port USB Syncing Hub – Model #DS-IP-SC-54


A 54-port hub that delivers 500mA of power to each port?

We will soon be releasing a compact 54-port sync hub that can be rack-mounted and even joined with a second hub to create a massive 108-port array – perhaps larger than anything else currently available.

A worthy successor to our DS-IP-SC-49, 49-port hub, this will be ideal for copying data to devices like memory sticks, e-readers, etc. and can be used in many different environments. For example, this unit will be very useful in USB test houses which have large numbers of devices connected to a single computer.

It will use a readily available, cost effective and compact power supply and is specifically designed to comply with USB specifications. Each port will supply the full 500mA of current simultaneously, something lesser hubs fail to do, leading to unreliable data transfer or even failure to connect to all devices.

If you would like to receive information about the 54-port hub’s release, please click here.