Carts and Cabinets For Tablets With Oversized Cases
  • Carts and Cabinets for Special Cases Carts and Cabinets for Special Cases
  • DS-NETSAFE DS-NETSAFE Netsafe secure cabinet for iPads, iPad Minis, 7” tablets (charge or sync-charge versions)
  • DS-NETSAFE-GC-12 DS-NETSAFE-GC-12 Sync and Charge Cabinet for 12 iPad minis
  • DS-NETSAFE-GC-12 DS-NETSAFE-GC-12 Shown with Gripcases
  • DS-NetVault-GC-20 DS-NetVault-GC-20 Charging carts for iPads, iPad minis in Gripcases
  • DS-MINI7-GS-SC-20 DS-MINI7-GS-SC-20 Sync and charge security cabinet for 20 iPad minis in Gripcases
  • DS-MINI7-GS-C-20 DS-MINI7-GS-C-20 Charge and secure 20 iPad minis in Gripcases
  • DS-NETVAULT-MINI7-GC-24 DS-NETVAULT-MINI7-GC-24 Charge cart for 24 iPad Minis in Gripcases
  • DS-MINI7-GC-30 DS-MINI7-GC-30 MINI7-GC-C-30 (charge) & MINI7-GC-SC-30 (sync-charge) for iPad minis in Gripcases
  • MINI-32 security carts MINI-32 security carts DS-IPC-32 (charge) or DS-IPCS-32 (sync-charge) carts for 32 iPads in Otterbox Defender cases
  • DS-NETSAFE security cabinets DS-NETSAFE security cabinets NETSAFE-IPC (charge) or NETSAFE-IPCS (sync-charge) shown with 13 Otterbox Defender cases
  • DS-NETVAULT-M2 security cart DS-NETVAULT-M2 security cart Shown with 24 Otterbox Defender cases

In the real world, not all tablets are used “raw” or in the slimmest of protective covers. Gripcases, Clamcases, Otterboxes, Griffin Survivors, Gumdrop and others provide protection and features valued by many users.  And you shouldn’t have to throw out of your cart because it won’t hold your cases.  Datamation Systems carts and cabinets have adjustable dividers that accommodate almost any need. Make sure your cart will handle the cases you have today…or any you may have in the future.   Contact us for details.